“Next came Fraud, and he had on,
Like Eldon, an ermined gown;”*


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“Nicholas Wilson’s revelations on HSBC fraud in Britain constitute the worst and largest single case of banking fraud to have ever emerged in this country.” Nafeez Ahmed
I have dealt with a lot of whistleblowers in my time and Mr Wilson has about the greatest credibility and is the least motivated by personal grievance. Ian Fraser, author of Shredded: Inside RBS, The Bank That Broke Britain

This website discloses details of a massive fraud by HSBC, its cover-up by regulators and the government and the involvement of David Cameron and other MPs. Click on the logos above for more information.

It is a continuing story and the blog pages on the right give up-to-date information on latest developments. The rest of the site consists of many pages of evidence and history. See the media tab for radio, TV and press interviews and articles.

Here is a summary of the main milestones in the 12 year long story:

  • 2003 - I tell HFC Bank (HSBC) that the charges they are adding to accounts are illegal.
  • 2006 – I report my employers Weightmans to the Law Society and am immediately sacked.
  • 2007 – the Solicitors Regulation Authority (Law Society) uphold complaint but take no action and cover-up.
  • 2010 - I unsuccessfully try to obtain public domain information (County Court Judgment data) from the Ministry of Justice in order to inform fraud victims of their right to reclaim the charges, and involve my MP.
  • 2010 – The Office of Fair Trading makes an order against HFC (HSBC) telling them to stop adding the illegal charges.
  • 2010 – the OFT order is covered up, presumably by David Cameron, because he is making HSBC Chair Stephen Green a Lord.
  • 2011 – I take the Ministry of Justice to court for refusing me access to public domain information
  • 2011 – I begin working at law firm Leigh Day & Co preparing a multimillion pound group action against HSBC.
  • 2012 - I report HFC (HSBC) solicitor Duncan Hamilton and law firm Restons to the SRA and HSBC to the Financial Services Authority
  • 2014 – I make a fraud report to the City of London Police – they decline to take action
  • 2014 – I make a Freedom of Information Act request to the Financial Conduct Authority asking what action had been taken on my report.
  • 2014 – In response to my FoI request the FCA send text copied and pasted from HSBC, which is 100% untrue.
  • 2014 - I disclose collusion between HSBC and FCA to cover-up the fraud
  • 2014 – Government announce that Rona Fairhead, HSBC director is to be new Chair of the Trustees of the BBC
  • 2015 – Treasury Select Committee question the FCA about the collusion with HSBC to cover-up the fraud
  • 2015 – I disrupt parliamentary Public Accounts Committee to alert them of the fraud
  • 2015 – HSBC state in their accounts that they have set aside a contingent liability of $1bn to cover any claims
  • 2015 – a complaint about the FCA cover-up was made to the Complaints Commissioner in Feb. He has still not dealt with it (his website claims it takes a month to deal with complaints). Apparently the FCA are not co-operating and say they don’t have the OFT files, even though they took over the OFT in April 2014
  • 2015 – a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department of Media Culture and Sport has been made for a copy of the contract employing headhunters to recruit Rona Fairhead. They are having trouble complying.



*Shelley, Mask of Anarchy