Mr Ethical Thinks I’m OK

I have begun a new crowdfunding initiative to support my work. Previously I have had to appeal for funds when in difficulty with my mortgage. I am on benefits, unable to work and unable to pay my mortgage in full because the benefits don’t cover it. I am what is known as a “mortgage prisoner” – I am stuck on a high rate of interest (4.9%) and cannot move the mortgage because I have been in arrears. However, I have had difficulties if donations are made for my mortgage but I can’t pay an urgent bill, such as my heating bill. Donations should be used for the purpose given. So I am now appealing generally.

I have to date received great support from my followers, which is the only thing that has kept me going. There will be very big news on my campaign next month (May).

All donors will receive their ethical credentials in the form of a personalised card together with a badge. The badge is designed by Richard Depesando, the designer of French Connection’s FCUK logo. Richard kindly donated his services. The badge will guarantee entry to all the best banks and restaurants.

If you would like the badge, please include your name and address with the donation. If you don’t want one, please say so. Any previous donors or regular donors who would like a badge, please let me know.

And once again, huge thanks to everyone who has supported me.