Crowdfunding Appeal



This is my modest house – one up, one down, one down and a bit on the side. It is small, quirky, suits me and is my home. I moved to Hastings from London to downsize after being sacked for blowing the whistle on a £1bn fraud by HSBC. To date have forced HSBC to repay £4m – there is still at least £100m for them to repay and I continue to fight.

However, I am on benefits, unable to work and unable to pay my mortgage in full because the benefits don’t cover it. Therefore, every so often (about once a year) I have to turn to my fantastic supporters for help and have twice now fought off repossession proceedings. My home is owned by the government, UK Asset Resolution, and they are determined to repossess me, despite my having explained my situation many times. If I was made homeless the DWP would have to pay up to twice my mortgage payments for rented accommodation.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated, personally acknowledged and recorded in the book which will eventually be written about my fight, when it’s over (unless you specifically ask not to be included).

Thanks again for all help. It is a team effort and we will triumph. Eventually.