Crowdfunding Appeal

court 2Update 1 January 2017 – after 2 days my appeal has raised sufficient for me to pay off the mortgage arrears, the court fees and pre-pay the mortgage shortfall for 6 months. So my home is secure for at least the next six months. I am humbled and profoundly grateful to everyone who has contributed, from around the world. It means I can continue to concentrate on fighting HSBC and the surrounding corruption. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Special thanks to Peter Lee, a US journalist who wrote this blog which greatly helped the success of my campaign. Any further donations will be applied to my mortgage, and will be gratefully acknowledged.



I have made one big mistake in my life. That was reporting financial fraud by HSBC/HFC to the authorities. The effect has been disastrous, and regrettably, once again I have to look to my ever generous supporters for help. I am ever grateful to those who make a regular contribution to keep me going, but unfortunately, I need to make a crowdfunding appeal to save my home. The current arrears are £1,800 with court costs of  £325. If I can raise more than this I will be able to pre-pay the mortgage shortfall and avoid a possible suspended repossession order, and secure some peace of mind for a while longer.


On a public level, the fraud was covered up by the Solicitors Regulation Authority but they are now re-investigating. It was covered up by the Financial Conduct Authority, but they too, are re-investigating, following an apology to me and a promise to reopen their investigation. There have been four occasions when the Treasury Select Committee have asked the FCA about their investigation, the most recent on November 8 when the CEO and Chairman of the FCA both claimed to know nothing about the investigation, despite my having been informed that the CEO was briefed monthly on the matter. The City of London Police mock me , the Serious Fraud Office refuse to investigate and the mainstream media almost completely ignore the story. In short there has been a massive establishment and media cover-up of the fraud. But I am managing to keep it alive and I am helping people recover the illegal charges from the bank, for free.


On a personal level the effect has been devastating. After being sacked for blowing the whistle in 2006 I moved from London to Hastings to reduce my mortgage. But as a whistleblower I am all but unemployable. I have had 2 short consultancy jobs but apart from that have been unsuccessful in any application: even a £13k pa call centre job or a dustman, both of which I have applied for.

My mental health has also suffered greatly, and I am now on sickness benefit. I have been maliciously and anonymously reported to the DWP for “”benefit fraud” and I had to go for an interview in September and produce all my bank records. I have never committed benefit fraud.

And I am now facing repossession of my home. I don’t think my mental health could cope with my being repossessed. I live in a very small, dilapidated cottage in Hastings (above), but it suits me and I always thought it would be my last home. The hearing is on 13 January and I hope to be able to pay off the arrears prior to the hearing and have the action dismissed.

My home is effectively owed by the Treasury, ownership of the mortgage having been passed to UK Asset Recovery. It was originally with Northern Rock, the first bank to be bailed out by the British taxpayer. They have no interest in helping me and have rejected various viable suggestions I have put forward. There is a monthly shortfall between the benefit payments of the mortgage and the actual mortgage of £150, so the arrears build up.

If can spare £3 please use the donate button on this page or, if you prefer bank transfer, please contact me for the details (I have been advised not to put them on this site).

Thank you so much; all donations will be personally acknowledged. There will be a book about my 13 year (so far) story and all donations will be acknowledged, unless you specifically ask me not to include you. Any questions please do contact me.