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I am in the process of taking out a private prosecution against HSBC and 5 solicitors, for fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud.  I need support, at present I receive no benefits or income. Please help if you can.

I have been very moved by strangers on Twitter donating  to raise funds to help me stay in my home, so that I can continue my work in raising awareness and helping people recover money from fraudsters HFC (HSBC) and take out a private prosecution against the bank and solicitors. At the time of the hearing for repossession on 2 May,  I had cleared my arrears, but the hearing is adjourned generally and I could still lose my home, because I still can’t pay my mortgage. I am fighting to have the hearing dismissed because the solicitors did not comply with the pre-action protocol.  I’m hugely grateful to everyone who has donated so far.

As a 57 year old whistleblowing lawyer suffering depression, my employment options are extremely limited and NRAM (Northern Rock as was – who were bailed out by the taxpayer and are now government owned) have issued proceedings for repossession of my home:

claimMy MP has written to them in my support but they ignored her. My mortgage was part paid by the DWP but there was a shortfall each month. I now receive no benefits at all, having been thrown off Employment Support Allowance following an Atos assessment, which did not take into account anything that i have been through in the last 10 years.

After being sacked for reporting fraud I moved from London to Hastings to reduce costs and I live alone in a small, one bedroom house, which I had hoped would be my last home. I haven’t been able to find work since I moved here apart from a couple of short term jobs as a consultant to solicitors. I was turned down for a £13k call centre job because I had “breached confidential information”. Yes, I did, a £1bn fraud by Europe’s largest bank. I have been interviewed for a job as an Ombudsman at the Financial Ombudsman Service, but I’m a whistle-blower. I have applied to be dustman, a supermarket worker etc. I’m over qualified and Hastings is an unemployment blackspot.

This campaign will hopefully produce publicity which will enable me to expose the HSBC fraud, as the mainstream media are not interested, yet, but recently a very prominent media lawyer has started acting for me pro bono and he said in his first email “this is a wrong that needs righting and your suffering should stop” so things are definitely looking up.

I will post regular updates here of how the fund is going & what’s happening to my home.


3 thoughts on “Prosecution Fund

  1. I too suffer from depression, but unlike you, I can be bothered to go out and get a job and work to pay my mortgage. You have only yourself to blame and the reason they took off benefits is because, low and behold, YOU ARE FIT FOR WORK!! Stop begging, get a job, pay your own mortgage and pay for your own prosecution.

  2. I have only one response to your unhelpful comment (and wonder what your medical qualifications are) – my efforts are not just for me, they are for hundreds of thousands of people who have been ripped off by HSBC.