HSBC litany of lies

I thought it would be useful to catalogue the litany of lies that HSBC has produced to try to avoid liability for their fraud since I went public with my information. This disregards all the lies and fraud that preceded my public campaign. It culminates in their lying to the Treasury Select Committee.

To Radio5 Live – I am confused about contingency fees

To Private Eye – we stopped levying the charges in 2009

To Private Eye – the bank added the charges, not the solicitors

To Private Eye – the solicitors didn’t add the charges

To me – the bank has investigated

To it’s shareholders – we are in dispute with Mr Wilson

To me/Joel Benjamin in collusion with FCA – our agreements allowed the charges

To me – we have already dealt with this

In the news – whistleblowers should be rewarded

To the Treasury Select Committe – DG Solicitors were regulated