Ridiculous response from HSBC

I have received the most ridiculous response from HSBC in reply to my email of 29 August to HSBC solicitor Paul Kavanagh. I was basically asking him why their email to Joel Benjamin of 30 June,  was in exactly the same terms as an email I received from the FCA. Instead of answering my question, he tells me everything has been said in the email to Joel Benjamin – the one I am questioning. Here’s his response, with my reply following:

Dear Mr Wilson,

I refer to your email dated 29 August 2014.

These matters were responded to by the bank in the email from David
Culberson to Mr Benjamin dated 30 June 2014 and your conversation with Mr
Culberson on the same day.  The bank has dealt with these queries and has
nothing further to add.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Kavanagh

You are deliberately missing my point. I want to know why the bank is lying about the OFT order and why the FCA also do in exactly the same terms as the bank.
Please get off your high horse and answer a simple question.
Nicholas Wilson

I think there are 3 possibilities (a) Paul Kavanagh didn’t read my email properly (b) Paul Kavanagh is stupid or (c) it’s another deliberate attempt by the bank to obfuscate and muddy the waters.