About me

I  have over 30 years experience in consumer credit law but ended up working in the law by default. I studied composition at the Royal College of Music and have an MA from the Royal College of Art.

I started my legal career working in the post room and as an outdoor clerk, gradually taking on debt recovery work and liquor licensing for John Lewis plc and Mecca Leisure Limited. I became head of department until I reported the firm for fraud and was sacked.

The most recent work I have done is volunteering at my local Citizens Advice Bureau and  as a consultant at leading human rights firm Leigh Day & Co, preparing a group action against HSBC, until a conflict of interest arose which brought that to an end.

My current situation is very difficult. I live on sickness benefit and have recently fought off one attempt to repossess my home thanks to generous donations from my followers on Twitter; but arrears are mounting again.

I used to compose music and have written film & TV music for Peter Greenaway, Guardian Films and others and have had my concert and dance music performed in various countries in the world. I have recently invented a word puzzle game, ketsudo, with a free app and Twitter account, @ketsudo.

I have now started a new initiative Corruption UK – a site where members of the public can tell their stories about the endemic corruption which is crippling daily life in Britain.