Woolf must go

Fiona Woolf has been appointed to chair the inquiry into the child sex abuse scandal engulfing the British establishment. She claims not to be of the establishment, but she is Lord Mayor of London, so I’m not sure who she thinks the establishment is.

However, far more serious is that Woolf has already presided over a massive cover up. She says this on her website “Fiona Woof was President of the Law Society of England and Wales between 2006/7 having been elected Deputy Vice-President two years earlier. She was a long-serving member of the Council of the Law Society, representing the City of London…”

In 2006 I reported my employers Weightmans, to the Law Society for acting illegally on behalf of HSBC(HFC). In 2007 I received their decision, which was to uphold my complaint but to take no action because it “only happened in a small number of cases” During the whole period of my complaint Woolf was President of the Law Society and in that period £44m in illegal charges were added to accounts.

It was a cover up of massive proportions. Woolf went on to become  Lord Mayor of London. She is clearly unsuitable to head the inquiry.



Last Modified on October 24, 2014
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