Camilla Cavendish appointment leading to peerage. More Tory corruption

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It has just been announced that Camilla Cavendish , Associate Editor of the Sunday Times has been appointed to the Policy Unit at 10 Downing Street. A post which, according to the Institute for Government, requires “the ability to know the prime minister’s mind, have his ear and to speak credibly on his behalf.”

Let’s see what Cavendish knows about Cameron’s mind. She was a contemporary of his on the PPE course at Brasenose College, Oxford. She was also a colleague of Rona Fairhead (of HSBC/BBC) at Pearson plc. She is married to a Morgan Stanley banker.

I worked with Sunday Times reporter Tom Harper on the HSBC fraud and Cameron cover-up story in February this year. During this period Cavendish was a guest of Cameron at Chequers:


The story was spiked by the paper. Here is the exchange of emails on the day before publication was due. As usual with the press, no reason was given. I don’t in any way blame Tom Harper, who wrote the story in good faith.


Here’s a tweet by her partner in crime Jo Johnson:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 21.15.29And here is another possible reason.

Update 4 August 2016 – Camilla Cavendish has now been awarded a peerage by David Cameron. Here is Lady Cavendish on BBC Radio 4 Today programme being very reluctant to discuss her peerage