Mediation and confidentiality agreement

As Weightmans had made me redundant immediately after my reporting them to the Law Society, I had a claim under the Public Interest Disclosure Act legislation, which is designed to protect whistle-blowers. I told them that I would me making a claim at an employment tribunal. However, they asked if I would be prepared to go to mediation, thus avoiding any publicity. I agreed to this on the basis that a tribunal hearing might take another year to be heard and I wanted the matter over with.

We agreed a settlement of my employment and personal injury claims at the mediation and I signed a Compromise Agreement, now over six years ago,  which contained a confidentiality clause, forbidding me from revealing any of this. I am doing so now because Weightmans continued to add the charges after they had been ruled unlawful, because they misled the Law Society and because it’s in the public interest.