Email to Jesse Norman MP about Rona Fairhead appointment to BBC

I have previous exposed serious wrongdoing in the appointment of Rona Fairhead, HSBC director to the BBC last year. In February this year MP Jesse Norman, who sat on the Treasury Select Committee took issue with Martin Wheatley of the FCA about their collusion with HSBC to cover up the fraud.

Jesse Norman in now Chair of the Culture, Media and Sports Committee, which oversees the work of the department. It was the Department of Culture Media and Sport that was responsible for appointing Fairhead, with the approval of Cameron and the Queen.

I have now written to Jesse Norman in his new role in the hope that he will help me further:

Dear Mr Norman

When you were in the TSC committee you kindly took up my concerns on HSBC/HFC illegal charges and the FCA involvement. There remains an outstanding complaint with the Complaints Commissioner concerning the FCA cut and paste regulation, although I have been promised a decision this week.

It won’t surprise you to know that my campaign continues. Congratulations on your appointment as Chair of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee. In your new role I hope you will be able to help me further. I believe that there was serious breaches of code and rules surrounding the appointment of Rona Fairhead to head the BBC last year.

My concerns are set out in my blog, which you may be familiar with I accept that the majority of my evidence is circumstantial. However, the subsequent watering down, non-reporting and blatant lies from the BBC concerning stories involving HSBC tend to bear out my suspicions. There is evidence for these allegations on my website.

I shall be grateful if you would kindly give this your attention. I will be happy to give evidence if required. As is my practice I will be posting this email on my website, as I believe in doing everything in open.

Yours sincerely
Nicholas Wilson