Letter from the FCA

Recently HSBC has been sending out cheques to thousands of customers in the sums of £25/£50 and some much higher payments. I do not know what the small payments are for – HSBC say poor customer service, or badly worded letters. I certainly know what the larger payments are for, as does everyone familiar with […]

How to Protect Whistleblowers – a proposal

Most organisations and regulators pay lip service to whistleblower protection but their effect is useless. Whistleblowers are hopelessly protected in the UK and they ruin their careers and life by speaking up about wrongdoing. In my case, where I followed all the prescribed procedures and blew the whistle 13 years ago, the fraud I disclosed […]

HSBC Fraud – correspondence with Financial Conduct Authority, Solicitors Regulation Authority, City of London Police and Complaints Commissioner

I have today sent this letter to the Financial Conduct Authority, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the City of London Police and the Complaints Commissioner. Any responses will be reported. From Antony Townsend: From Karen Baxter: From SRA (as this was only sent to me, I’ve forwarded it to the other agencies) From Andrew Bailey Letter […]

The missing link in HSBC fraud cover-up

I have had a shocking realisation as to why the HSBC fraud exposed on these pages has been covered up by all the regulators. I have found the missing link – Antony Townsend 2006 – Anthony Townsend was the first CEO of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), from its inception in 2006. In the same […]

Letter from the FCA

I have today received a letter from the FCA following my meeting with them on 4 July. The letter simply confirms what they said in the meeting, which was that they have not properly investigated the HSBC fraud. They said in the meeting that they couldn’t even say if they had contacted the Solicitors Regulation […]

Meeting with Andrew Bailey of the FCA

Today I had a meeting with Andrew Bailey, CEO of the Financial Conduct Authority to discuss their progress (or otherwise) on the massive HSBC fraud.Together with Mr Bailey was Toby Hall, of the CEO Manager’s office and the Company Secretary Simon Pearce. For me was consumer expert Dominic Lindley to whom I’m very grateful for […]

The Iceland Christmas advert and HSBC

According to Greenpeace, quoted in the above article , HSBC has $18bn invested in the palm oil industry, which is responsible for wholesale destruction of rainforest and orangutan habitat, endangering their very survival. Iceland Foods made a decision to stop using palm oil in their own products in order to protect the orangutan population and […]

Lisa Osofsky’s lawyers

Lisa Osofsky is the Director of the Serious Fraud Office. Prior to that she was the European monitor of HSBC’s Deferred Prosecution Agreement, begun in 2012 and ending 2017, agreed between the US Department of Justice to avoid prosecution of the bank for laundering money for Mexican drug cartels, terrorists, and breaching sanctions. Lisa was […]

HSBC and the Global Cover-up

In 2012 HSBC entered into a Deferred Prosecution Agreement in the US. They paid $1.9bn to stave off a prosecution for money laundering for the Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel and Hezbollah and Hamas. The effect of the DPA was that if they committed any other crimes covered by the DPA during its 5 year currency […]

FCA refuse my data access request

At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the legal time limit in which to comply with my GDPR request for the personal data they hold on me, the Financial Conduct Authority has refused to comply, on the basis that there was too much information. You wouldn’t have thought so from the total lack […]

Open letter to Kevin Hollinrake MP

Dear Mr Hollinrake You saw my tweets yesterday. I wish to make it clear that I am not accusing you of anything. However, quite simply, you are compromised in your role as co-chair of APPG Banking because of your business relationship with HSBC. Your company is indebted to them in the sum of £4m and […]

Is a Tory Lord busting Russian sanctions?

Lord Fairfax is a director of Sovcomflot (UK) Ltd the British arm of SCF Group The company accounts state: and further From SCF website   Sanctions against trading with Russia specifically prohibit trading with energy companies engaged in Arctic oil exploration I am also investigating a related matter concerning HSBC US who hold an account […]

Dirty dealings in Ealing? HSBC not far behind.

I have written about Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles (above) before. Wherever there is corruption involving HSBC he is not far from the scene. He is widely thought to have been instrumental in halting a Serious Fraud Office investigation into the al Yamamah/BAE Systems arms bribes scandal, when he has UK Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. He then […]

Sajid Javid, Home Secretary is a tax evader.

Sajid Javid, before becoming an MP, was a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank. Whilst there he partook in a “tax efficiency” scheme whereby bonuses were paid via a Cayman Islands company. This is from the Mail on Sunday1 27 April 2014 This statement from his office to the Mail tends to confirm that he was […]

More FCA/HSBC corruption and collusion

Last year CEO of the Financial Conduct Authority Andrew Bailey admitted, under pressure, that in January he had held a meeting with Saudi national oil company Saudi Aramco “and their advisers”. The meeting culminated in the FCA announcing that they were going to relax the rules surrounding the listing of a company controlled by a sovereign […]

HSBC, BBC and Wikipedia

I do not know if this information is meaningful or not, but I am recording it for the record. As this website shows, Rona Fairhead of HSBC was unlawfully appointed to the Chair of the BBC Trust by David Cameron, Sajid Javid MP and with help from Jo Johnson MP. In 2016 the WIkipedia entry […]

The Spider’s Web – a review.

The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire from hushhushvideo on Vimeo. This film made me think of Schumann’s description of Chopin’s music – “cannons hidden among flowers”. Sumptuous images of tropical islands and pomp and ceremony in the City of London, and the calm, reassuring delivery of the financial experts lulls you into a sense of […]

The biggest scandal happening in UK at the moment. Unreported. HSBC/FCA Saudi Aramco

On Tuesday 31 October I attended the hearing held by the Treasury Select Committee with the Financial Conduct Authority. I wished to bring attention to the corruption surrounding HSBC dealing with Saudi Arabia and the proposed flotation of its state oil company Saudi Aramco. I was, of course, thrown out. Following my (censored) intervention, MP […]

Channel 4, HSBC and corruption

I have previously written extensively about the unlawful appointment by David Cameron of HSBC director Rona Fairhead to the post of Chair of the BBC Trust. This had the desired effect of silencing the BBC on negative stories about HSBC; essential given Cameron’s role in covering up the HSBC fraud exposed on this website. The […]

Cocaine, HSBC and the Guardian

This article appeared in the Guardian today. It is exquisitely ironic. There appears to be a cocaine crisis in the City. I wonder why that might be? Well, for a start, as everyone now knows, HSBC paid $1.9 bn in the US to avoid a prosecution for laundering millions of dollars for the Sinaloa drug […]

HSBC, oil and terrorism

Independent1 The typical, but still shocking career trajectory of one man most people have never heard of, will exemplify British corruption and why Theresa May will not release the suppressed report into Saudi funding of terrorism – Sherard Cowper-Coles. Cowper-Coles was British ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 2003-2006. He was in post at the time […]

I’m censored in the UK, not in Australia yet

This article has just appeared in the journal of the Citizens Electoral Council, an independent Australian political party. They have been screaming about the British state’s collusion with known  terrorist sponsors and terrorists for a long time. An article like this would never appear in the UK media, for obvious reasons.

Owen Jones, HSBC, The Guardian and me

For a long time I have been very frustrated with the Guardian’s lack of coverage, and particularly investigation, into HSBC crimes. The reasons are obvious – the Guardian is a bigger recipient of advertising revenue from HSBC than all other online papers. What I find even more frustrating is the dishonesty of its contributors in […]

HSBC, terrorism and corruption

There is a huge media cover-up taking place in the UK surrounding HSBC and its business dealings with Saudi Arabia. Home Secretary Amber Rudd has caused controversy by refusing to publish a government commissioned report on terrorist funding, and the media reports that the reason for this is that it will implicate Saudi Arabia in […]

HSBC rumbled – jail time beckons

  For years HSBC and their solicitors Weightmans and Restons have been denying and lying about having done anything illegal by applying illegal collection charges to debts owed to the bank, via HFC Bank and John Lewis Financial Services. However, in January of this year the FCA announced (having previously covered up the fraud)  that […]

Challenging LOBO loans

When I stood recently for parliament as an anti-corruption candidate for Hastings and Rye against Home Secretary Amber Rudd, I attended two hustings, and made this opening speech, where I discuss LOBO loans and the devastating effect they have on local authority finance. I have now done something practical and challenged East Sussex County Council […]

Lord Hague, Nissan, HSBC and Tory corruption

Meet Lord Hague of Teneo since August 2016 on a salary of £250,000 per annum On August 4 2016 Teneo launched a “Brexit Client Transition Unit”. Teneos clients include Nissan and HSBC. Shortly after Hague’s appointment it was announced that the government had done a sweetheart deal with Nissan to encourage them to stay in […]

HSBC, Amber Rudd and Hinkley Point C

  In 2012 Anoine Cahuzac left HSBC and joined EDF (Électricité de France).   In March 2014 it was announced that HSBC were advising on the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station.   And the appointment of EDF to build the plant was formally announced in October 2015.   Amber Rudd was Secretary of State […]

Amber Rudd censors me talking about HSBC

Update 17 January 2017 – I have today discovered that Amber Rudd’s brother’s PR company Finsbury handles global PR for HSBC: This is the full recording of the question and answers at the hustings in Rye on 3 June when I was censored by Home Secretary Amber Rudd. The video clip is below, which misses […]

HSBC launders donations to the Tories

Those familiar with this site will know that for years I have been stating that the Conservative Party have a deeply corrupt relationship with HSBC, as do most of the establishment. Over the years I have worked with financial reform campaigner Joel Benjamin. Joel has been very busy recently digging into the affairs of erstwhile […]

May’s massive conflict of interest. She must resign.

In July 2016 Theresa May became Britain’s Prime Minster, after David Cameron resigned. Her husband Philip May is Investment Relationship Manager for Capital Group, a US Investment management firm with assets of $1.39 trillion. Philip May is based in Britain so it is highly likely he will have been involved in negotiating business deals with […]


Interview with Newsbud   _________________ This website discloses details of a massive consumer fraud by HSBC and the cover-ups by regulators, media and the government. It represents 13 years work. The Financial Conduct Authority announcement above is the culmination to date. The £4m figure is a joke and my campaign will continue.   _____________   […]

Latest SRA cover-up

  There is a new Solicitors Regulation Authority cover-up of HSBC fraud. It is really quite extraordinary. The findings of their new “investigation” contradict their previously findings and cover-up, that the charges were unlawful contingency fees, and seem to be based entirely on the answers to a questionnaire sent to the solicitors. They don’t appear […]

More HSBC dirty tricks?

In April 2014 the Financial Conduct Authority took over from the now defunct Office of Fair Trading in the regulation of Consumer Credit matters. Unlike the OFT it also acquired new powers to order redress for wrongdoing. However, in late 2013 HSBC surrendered HFC’s credit licence, so they are no longer authorised, and therefore regulated, […]

HSBC censorship at BBC

This appeared in the Guardian yesterday. Today John McDonnell asked an urgent question in parliament about the matter. I checked the BBC website for references to “HSBC money laundering” – the results below show virtually nothing since 2014. The references to February 2015 are related to a Panorama programme which had been in preparation for […]

My gift to the FCA and HSBC

In their press release of 20 January, below, the FCA announced that HSBC had “voluntarily” agreed to pay redress of “approximately” £4m to “approximately” 6,700 people. I have evidence which shows that the true figure should be £80-100m. I believe I know how the figure of £4m was arrived at. At the end of last […]

Why doesn’t the DWP leave me alone?

Having recently had to attend a “compliance interview” at my local Job Centre because someone had reported me for benefit fraud, in which I demonstrated that  I had not committed fraud,  and having fought off repossession proceedings by the government owned  UK Asset Resolution, today I received a letter from the DWP, claiming I had […]

The World v HSBC

In the last year, 1 January 2016 to 3 Juanuary 2017 the following countries have visited my website and read about a massive HSBC fraud on British consumers. During that time the British regulator, the Financial Conduct Authoritry has done nothing despite promising me and the Complaints Commissioner that they would reopen their investigation. The […]

Restons threats

  As previously blogged, I had been told by a debtor that Restons threatened to add interest to a judgment debt if the debtor challenged the “collection charge”. I have now found hard evidence of this in an online consumer forum dating from December 2009. Restons are not entitled to add interest to a judgment […]

Is this really how things should be?

I have today sent this email (together with a ps, below) to Andrew Bailey, CEO of the Financial Conduct Authority, Richard Armstrong of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Anthony Townsend, the Complaints Commissioner and MPs George Kerevan and Andrew Tyrie, of the Treasury Select Committee. Dear Sirs I attach and copy of a letter received from […]

Quantum mechanics and HSBC fraud

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (1927), states that the more precisely the position of some particle is determined, the less precisely its momentum can be known, and vice versa. As I understand it, it means the mere act of observing changes a particle’s state. There is a very similar situation I have encountered in investigating the huge […]

Amber Rudd’s Ghost Train

On January 30 2015, during the “long campaign” for election in the General Election, meaning  expenses must be declared, Amber Rudd arranged for a high speed Javelin Train to visit Hastings. On the seats of the train were her election brochures. Ms Rudd did not declare any expenses for this. Javelin trains usually run between […]

Letter to David Green of the SFO

I have today sent this email to David Green, the director the Serious Fraud Office, in response to his letter to Home Secretary Amber Rudd, which appears below the email: Dear Mr Green, I have read the letter you have sent to Home Secretary Amber Rudd concerning my report to you of corruption at the […]

New letter to Treasury Select Committee

The Treasury Select Committee are meeting Andrew Bailey of the FCA next month. I have therefore sent them this email: Dear Sirs I understand that you are meeting with Andrew Bailey of the FCA next month. I hope you will take this opportunity to question him about progress in the investigation against HSBC/John Lewis Financial […]

A letter for the FCA to send to HSBC

After 4 years, the FCA still seem to be incapable of investigating the massive fraud by HSBC which involved the bank adding illegal charges to debts of defaulting customers in order to pay their legal costs of recovery. It was an unlawful contingency fee, if the solicitors didn’t recover the illegal charge they didn’t get […]

Recording of my meeting with the FCA

It is now 9 months since the FCA apologised to me and agreed to re-open their investigation into HSBC/John Lewis Financial Services fraud: There has been no obvious progress in the investigation apart from the FCA appointing as non-executive directors personnel from HSBC and John Lewis. I am back in touch with the Complaints Commissioner […]

When will BBC censorship of HSBC end?

Yesterday it was announced that Rona Fairhead is “stepping down” as Chair of the BBC Trust. Theresa May has stated that the new role must be opened up to fair competition and Fairhead clearly doesn’t recognise such a concept and will not be applying. I have written extensively about Fairhead’s original corrupt appointment by Cameron, […]

Finding HSBC illegal charges

In my experience of dealing with HSBC/HFC, locating the illegal collection charges on accounts is similar to locating the 12 black points on the intersections on the diagram below. Due to the sleight of hand of HSBC and their solicitors you think you’ve located one and they disappear, or appear in places you don’t expect […]

The Magic Roundabout

In this post I will deal with the lesser players who have directly benefitted from minimising HSBC losses due to their imposition of illegal charges on defaulting accounts. Natalie Ceeney I helped a few consumers recover the illegal charges from HSBC through the Financial Ombudsman Service. In cases where the debt had been paid off […]

New complaint against the FCA

I have today made a new complaint to the Complaints Commissioner about the disgraceful behaviour of the FCA and what I perceive to be a new cover-up in progress. I have also copied in Andrew Tyrie and George Kerevan of the Treasury Select Committee, who have previously dealt with the issues. Dear Mr Townsend Regrettably […]

Corruption by omission. The British way

  Update 19 August 2016 – Private Eye have had a stab at this story: Today it has been widely reported that the Sunday Times has published, in an “unprecedented leak”, the  list of David Cameron’s resignation honours. What is very significant about the Sunday Times article is what it does not say. Camilla Cavendish […]

All is not well at the FCA

Mick McAteer sat on the board of the Financial Conduct Authority as a non-executive director throughout the period of their cover-up of the HSBC fraud. He left the FCA in December 2015. On 3 December 2015 the Complaints Commissioner published his findings on my complaint against the FCA for the cover-up, which was very scathing […]

#HSBCfraud is closing in.

In the last 3 weeks there have been significant news stories directly related to my campaign to expose massive HSBC consumer fraud and the corruption of regulators and politicians surrounding it. Firstly, on 7 July, SNP MP John Nicolson, in the Media. Sport and Culture Select Committee, questioned Rona Fairhead as to the circumstances surrounding […]

How Cameron controls the BBC

The White Paper on the BBC states that the trust governing the BBC is being abolished and a board will be set up to run day-to-day matters, while Ofcom will become the corporation’s external regulator. The Chair of the present Trust is ex HSBC director Rona Fairhead. Cameron has promised her that she will be […]

Who prosecutes bank fraud in the UK? Nobody

Having recently discovered that HSBC are produced forged statements to try to “prove” that they have not added illegal charges to debts, I have redoubled my efforts for the authorities to take appropriate action, as it would appear that HSBC are also producing such statements to the Financial Conduct Authority and the Solicitors Regulation Authority. […]

The Fraud Act 2006 and HSBC

I have been urging City of London Police to investigate the fraud by HSBC. Not only has the bank defrauded consumers on a massive scale by adding illegal charges to debts, I now believe that they are deceiving regulators FCA and SRA by producing bogus statements, which allege to show that no charges were added. […]

Fantastically corrupt Cameron

Today David Cameron referred to Nigeria and Afghanistan as “fantastically corrupt” nations. I presume coming from him it was meant as a compliment. This is Cameron’s fantastically corrupt behaviour over the industrial scale consumer debt fraud by HSBC detailed on these pages and being investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority. In 2010, when he made […]

FCA completely disinterested in HSBC fraud

SNP MP George Kerevan of the Treasury Select Committee questioned the Financial Conduct Authority further, following his previous questions, about the HSBC fraud: And here, the Chairman of the FCA, John Griffith-Jones says that  “unfortunately”  the Complaints Commissioner found against the FCA. So unfortunate in fact that the first thing the FCA did after the […]

Questions about Cameron for sale on eBay

Recently, following the Panama papers revelations I offered David Cameron for sale on ebay:The posting was quickly taken down by eBay but the stunt did go viral, being reported by RT, The Mirror, The Canary, AOL News, Daily Star and many other outlets. Although a bit of fun, my stunt did have a serious purpose […]

Evidence presented to the FCA

Evidence presented to the FCA at a meeting on 13 April 2013   As a preliminary point NW will say that it should be simple matter for the FCA to verify the facts stated here by asking HSBC for copies of all invoices from Weightmans and Restons solicitors for debt recovery up to 2010 which […]

Censorship on talkRADIO

On 8 April via a direct message on Twitter I was invited to speak on talkRADIO about the Cameron tax affair. As can been seen from the exchange I was quite clear about what I could and would talk about: This is what happened when I got connected This was Jonny Gould’s response on Twitter:

Open letter to Sajid Javid

This is the text of a letter I have sent by email to ex Culture Secretary (now Business Secretary) Sajid Javid. I don’t expect he will reply but I intend to publicise the letter. The automated reply from his parliamentary email address stated this, so the mail has been forwarded, even though it does not […]

The state of the UK under Cameron

This is footage of Business Secretary Sajid Javid, (who, when he as Culture Secretary unlawfully appointed a banker, Rona Fairhead, of HSBC, to head the BBC) stating that he knew about Deutsche Bank’s tax avoiding bonus payments system but didn’t benefit from it. He was paid £3m a year. When posting the complete interview between […]

HSBC and the security services

The infiltration by HSBC of some of the most sensitive public positions, at the behest of David Cameron knows no limits. Since September 2015 Lord Janvrin Deputy Chairman of HSBC Private Bank (UK) Ltd, has sat on the secret Intelligence and Security Committee. This is the role of the Committee: Besides this, Lord Evans (who […]

Cameron appoints HSBC to top British roles

This article appeared in Reuters today: In the UK David Cameron has personally appointed an HSBC director, Rona Fairhead to head the BBC, and an HSBC Vice Chairman, Lord Janvrin to the Intelligence and Security Committee, which oversees the work and budget of the security services.

How Cameron batted for HSBC in Brussels

Cameron achieved very little in his tortuous negotiations in Brussels to change the terms of Britain’s membership of the EU. One thing he did achieve though was protection for the City of London and particularly HSBC. As I have pointed out, Cameron is deeply beholden to HSBC, not least because of his cover-up of the […]

Breach of BBC independence

Rona Fairhead is Chair of the BBC Trust responsible for ensuring their independence. This blog shows that she herself has breached that independence. This is no real surprise as she was head of the risk committee at HSBC US at the time the bank was caught laundering money for Mexican drug cartels and terrorists. I […]

HSBC infiltrates defence & justice

Jonathan Evans, Lord Evans of Weardale, ex-head of MI5 is a director of HSBC. He is also a director of Ark Data Centres, a company that supplies data services to the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Justice the Ministry of Defence and cloud computing for BT. A previous director was Baroness E L Manningham-Buller, the […]

Lord Janvrin, HSBC and MI5

Update  6 April 2016 – since writing this blog it appears that Lord Janvrin, a month later, gave up his position at HSBC – I have for some time believed that MI5 have been involved in the gagging of the media over the £1bn HSBC fraud. Current HSBC Director Jonathan Evans is ex-head of MI5 […]

Osborne and HSBC

  Update – 20 August 2016 It has now been revealed in a US House of Representatives report that not only did George Osborne write to the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke (as widely reported) to lobby him against prosecuting HSBC in the US, he actually had a meeting with him for that […]

Ever more FCA scandal

The Financial Conduct Authority is supposed to be investigating HSBC and John Lewis Financial Services Limited for fraud. They have recently announced the appointment of Baroness Sarah Hogg, who happens to be a John Lewis director and Chair of their Audit Committee: Also newly appointed is Ruth Kelly, most recently Global Head of Client Strategy […]

Extraordinary FCA appointments

Following my complaint the Complaints Commissioner about FCA failure to act on my report of HSBC fraud the FCA have agreed to reopen their investigation. I had also made a complaint about John Lewis Financial Services Limited (a subsidiary of HSBC). So in theory the FCA are investigating HSBC and John Lewis Financial Services. Apart […]

Fairhead discusses HSBC on Marr

Today on the Marr Show Rona Fairhead, HSBC director and Chair of the BBC Trust was asked about any conflict in her doing both roles. What she said was very revealing. For an example of how close the connection between BBC and HSBC is, see here, for evidence that BBC forward a request to interview […]

The BBC is run by HSBC

A supporter of mine  @eriksandberg82 wrote this to Rona Fairhead, HSBC director and Chair of the BBC Trustees on 11 January 2016: To: rona.fairhead@bbc.co.uk Subject: Ms Fairhead – Interview Request & unlawful appointment Hi there, I’m emailing about a story that is due to break in the coming weeks about Ms Fairhead’s appointment to the […]

The FCA misled parliament today

Today there was a Treasury Select Committee hearing with the Financial Conduct Authority to question them on their decision to drop an investigation into banking culture. SNP MP George Kerevan also questioned Tracey McDermott, acting CEO, on how they can claim to have improved their regulation of individual banks when they had failed to act […]

Is Sebastian Coe a woman?

Contrary to my previous blog, Smoking Gun I now believe that the decision to appoint Rona Fairhead of HSBC to the BBC Trust chair was made in May 2014. This article appeared in the Sunday Times on 11 May 2014: This announcement provoked a lot of comment in the media: However, following the Sunday Times […]

Is BBC avoiding tax?

I have known for some time that the BBC has a shell company, BBC Worldwide Holdings BV registered  in the Netherlands with tax avoidance specialists Intertrust. This is from the Wikipedia entry on Intertrust: And this is from the Bloomberg entry on BBC Worldwide Holdings BV – it is a letterbox company: Since tax on […]

Email to Chair of Treasury Select Committee

I have today sent this email to Andrew Tyrie, the Chair of the Treasury Select Committee. I want some answers on the disgraceful behaviour of the Financial Conduct Authority. Dear Mr Tyrie I understand you will be meeting with the FCA shortly. You will be aware of who I am and my campaign. Recently the […]

More BBC censorship

Today it was announced that the HMRC Chief Lin Homer is resigning. It has been widely reported that this is partly because of criticism over HMRC handling of the HSBC Swiss tax affair. This is from the Guardian: However, true to form, the BBC doesn’t even mention HSBC:

Companies infected by HFC/HSBC fraud

As promised in an interview last night, here is a list of companies that HFC/HSBC operated credit facilities for. If you had defaulted on a debt to any of these companies prior to 2010 and the debt was sent to either Weightmans or Restons solicitors, the chances are that illegal charges were added to the […]

The FCA apology

As recommended by the Complaints Commissioner,  the Financial Conduct Authority have now sent me an apology. This is for their failure over 3 years to take any action on my report of £1bn fraud by HSBC and their collusion with the bank to cover-up the fraud. Usually when a complaint is upheld an ex gratia […]

More BBC censorship of HSBC

I have been monitoring BBC coverage of HSBC stories during 2015, because the head of the BBC, Rona Fairhead is an HSBC director.  I have blogged previously about blatant lies on negative news stories. Here are the results of 2 Google searches, one on HSBC fines, and one on the recent decision of the FCA […]

HSBC litany of lies

In order to avoid liability for £1bn fraud HSBC has told a number of lies, to the media, parliament and regulator. The map below gives examples of some, but is not exhaustive; click on the logos for more information.

Preliminary Decision on FCA complaint

I have decided to publish the Maxwellisation process with the Complaints Commissioner dealing with my complaint against the Financial Conduct Authority. Maxwellisation is where the subject of an inquiry is  given prior notice of any criticism in order for them to comment. I was invited to comment on the Complaints Commissioner’s Preliminary Decision on my […]

Good News

Finally I have some good news to report. The Complaints Commissioner has now given his final decision on my complaint against the Financial Conduct Authority for the way they handled my HSBC fraud report. The FCA have agree to re-open the case and the Commissioner has recommended a full apology to me.  I am very […]

Response from CMS Committee

I have now received a response from Jesse Norman MP, Chair of the Media, Culture and Sport Select Committee, explaining why they will not be taking any action on my report of the corrupt appointment of Rona Fairhead to the Chair of the BBC Trust. Judging by this response it appears that he hasn’t even […]

Chasing up CMS Select Committee

Following my email of 27 October to every member of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee I have received not one response from any of them. I have therefore sent this email today: Dear Committee On 27 October I sent you all an email about the appointment of Rona Fairhead to Chair of the […]

DWP update

I attended my Jobcentre today hoping to speak to the manager and deliver a letter. Of course, the manager was not available. So I handed in a letter and obtained a receipted copy. I gave my phone number and await to see if I receive a call. This is letter I handed in:  Yesterday I […]

My DWP Compliance Interview

Today I attended my local Jobcentre for a compliance interview, at 12.30. When I arrived they had no record of the appointment, but after a while I was escorted to the interview room to wait outside. On being called in I said to the interviewer that I wished to record the interview. She refused. I […]

Jail bankers immediately

I have a, not altogether facetious, proposal to change the law when it comes to banker fraud. In my case many people have said “you can’t use the word fraud, they haven’t been convicted”. I don’t see why can’t use a perfectly proper term for a classic case of fraud. The HSBC fraud complies with […]

Revolving doors, part 342

I have just discovered that the person at the Office of Fair Trading who investigated HFC(HSBC) for illegal charges, leading to this order, is now employed by HSBC. The Complaints Commissioner discovered in his investigation of the FCA’s actions that the OFT investigation apparently revealed only 4 consumers had been affected. I estimate 600,000 were […]

More HSBC evasion to Parliament

Following the Lords Economic Affairs Committee hearing with ex HSBC Chair Stephen Green, the Chairman of the committee Lord Hollick wrote to the current chair of HSBC, Douglas Flint raising my concerns about debt recovery charges. I had written to Lord Hollick prior to the hearing. This is a extract from his letter: Whilst this […]

BBC, Bilderberg and HSBC: Secrets and lies

As I have written previously, HSBC director Rona Fairhead, who was corruptly appointed to  BBC Trust Chair, attended the highly secretive meeting of the great and good, the Bilderberg Conference this year. She was listed by Bilderberg as “Chairman, BBC Trust”.Campaigner for financial reform Joel Benjamin made a Freedom of Information request to the BBC […]

How HSBC owns the UK

Besides having two HSBC Lords and an HSBC director heading the BBC, this is how HSBC manipulates the media and government. Sir Simon Robertson is Deputy Chairman of HSBC and a member of the Conservative Party foundation “Our Mission: to strengthen the financial future of the Conservative Party”. Robertson has made the following donations to […]

Email to Lord Hollick about Lord Green

Next week on 14 July,, Lord Hollick, Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee will be questioning Lord Green, ex Chair of HSBC about his involvement in the Mexican drug money laundering and the Swiss tax evasion scandals. I have written to Lord Hollick asking him to also question Green about the illegal charges which I […]

BBC censorship of HSBC

BBC censorship of HSBC is now getting ridiculous. I have just spoken to the news desk at the Sun newspaper who have confirmed to me that they never had an earlier front page story on today’s paper other than that below.  I had already seen this on Twitter before I heard the BBC Radio 4 […]

Is HSBC subsidising the BBC?

A colleague made a Freedom of Information request to the BBC asking in what capacity was HSBC Director, and Chair of BBC Trust Rona Fairhead, attending the Bilderberg Conference this year. She is listed in the official attendee list like this:The BBC replied today that Fairhead was attending in a personal capacity and that she […]

FCA tells parliament they don’t investigate bank fraud

At the Treasury Select Committee hearing in February when MP Jesse Norman questioned the Financial Conduct Authority about their collusion with HSBC to cover up massive fraud, there was some confusion as to what the FCA’s powers were in investigating and prosecuting fraud: At the end of the hearing the Chief Executive Martin Wheatley stated […]

Please email your MP.

Please email your MP as soon as possible to ask him or her to take action by raising questions in parliament and lobbying their party leaders to push for a public inquiry into the corrupt appointment of a HSBC director to head the BBC, in order to gag their reporting about HSBC wrongdoing. To date […]

BBC and HSBC propaganda

Today HSBC announced 25,000 job losses worldwide, with 8,000 in the UK. The BBC Radio 4 Today programme covered this with an effective eulogy for HSBC. No mention of the effect of the job losses or concern for staff. Last week the bank paid £28m in Switzerland in lieu of prosecution for money laundering – […]

BBC Silence

Update 27 October 2015. On 22 October this was reported in the press: It was not reported anywhere by the BBC.   On 4 June it was widely reported that HSBC had paid a £28m fine in Switzerland to avoid prosecution for money laundering. Given that the Chair of the Trustees of the BBC is […]

MI5 and HSBC

In light of my post Smoking Gun some have suggested that my claims of MI5 involvement in protecting HSBC are exaggerated or paranoid. This appeared recently from Corporate Crime Reporter: This article appeared in Private Eye in October 2013, at the same time that they also investigated but spiked my fraud disclosures. The head of […]