The duplicity of Ben Bradshaw MP

This is an example of the duplicitousness of MPs and the total lack of support I have had from the Labour Party.

Last year I came across an article in which Labour MP Ben Bradshaw had expressed concern about the original appointment of Rona Fairhead to the Chair of the BBC Trust. An article which it seems has now disappeared from the internet. I wrote him this email:



He replied:screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-12-36-09

I didn’t hear from him again and when I chased him up he replied that he was no longer on the DCMS Select Committee and that I should contact Jesse Norman (which I did).

It has recently been announced that Fairhead is resigning from the post because Cameron had promised her that she could continue in the role after the BBC White Paper which created a new Unity Trust. PM Theresa May has overturned that decision and stated that the role must be open to competition.

Here is Ben Bradshaw in the House of Commons defending Fairhead’s treatment by the government. What happened, in the space of a year, from him, a former BBC reporter who’s partner is a BBC producer, being concerned at the nature of her recruitment, and then defending her position in parliament? Has he been warned off?