Mr Ethical – the book


Here I will be publishing chapters of my book, Mr Ethical – a tale of fraud and corruption. I am making the book freely available as I appreciate in these difficult times not everyone is able to make a contribution. However, if you are able I would a appreciate a donation, so that I can continue writing. If you donate (top left) you will be named in an appendix in the  book unless you ask not to be. All donations will be acknowledged. Although I have recovered hundred of millions of pounds from HSBC for defrauded customers, my finances are dire, and I only survive through the generous support of donors. Whistleblowers rarely find work again. I am hugely grateful to those who have supported and continue to support me.

Hopefully, when the book is complete there will be a proper paper version, if any publisher has the guts. Each chapter is stand-alone and can be read separately from the others.

The chapters will be as follows and available on this drop-down menu, or click on the links:

Introduction – what the book is about

Chapter 1 — The Lawyers – a history of Mr Ethical’s employment in the law, the corruption he encountered and the origin of his name

Chapter 2 – The Lawmakers – dealing with Members of Parliament, the Treasury Select Committee and Public Accounts Committee

Chapter 3 – The Bank  – its fraud, its corruption, its control. The suicide of a CEO.

Chapter 4 – The Solicitors Regulation Authority – the cover-ups and corruption

Chapter 5 – The Financial Conduct Authority – the cover-ups and corruption

Chapter 6 – The Police – the cover-ups and corruption

Chapter 7 – The Ministry of Justice – the cover-ups and corruption

Chapter 8– The Serious Fraud Office – the cover-ups and corruption

Chapter 9 – The Media – the lies and omissions

Chapter 10– Mr Ethical stands for parliament.