HSBC, BBC and Wikipedia

I do not know if this information is meaningful or not, but I am recording it for the record. As this website shows, Rona Fairhead of HSBC was unlawfully appointed to the Chair of the BBC Trust by David Cameron, Sajid Javid MP and with help from Jo Johnson MP.

In 2016 the WIkipedia entry on the BBC Trust listed persons who were Chair of the Trust, as it still does.

Vice Chair Roger Carr is listed as being Chairman of BAE Systems. I thought the entry should also list Rona Fairhead as being a current director of HSBC, as she was at the time, as well as having been a “former” CEO of the Financial Times. I tried to edit the Wikipedia entry accordingly. My edit kept being undone by another editor “pigsonthewing”. His apparent reason was that Rona Fairhead “has her own bio”.

Looking at the biographical information of pigsonthewing reveals that he has worked for BBC.

I do not know if this is some misguided loyalty to an erstwhile employer or whether he had any contact with the BBC over the matter. I do know, however, that the fact that the Chair of the BBC Trust was also a director of HSBC, the world’s most criminal bank, is essential information.