Evidence of SRA complete failure

I had always known that my ex employer Weightmans solicitors had carried on adding the illegal “collection charges” after the Solicitors Regulation Authority had ruled against them, following my complaint to them and my losing my job because of it. I knew this because I came across a claim form issued by Weightmans after the ruling, when I was working as a consultant at a firm in Brighton. But yesterday I found hard evidence of it.

Below, see four documents: The ruling from the SRA against Weightmans dated 2007; a letter from Weightmans to a debtor explaining why they are adding a collection charge, dated 2008; the entry in an online consumer forum of someone stating they complained to the SRA about the charges (after the SRA adjudication) and the SRA telling them that Weightmans are a properly regulated firm that abides by the rules – one year after they had found Weightams breached the rules for exactly the same thing, dated 2008 and finally an extract from the OFT order from 2010 telling the bank to stop adding the charges. Still no-one has been compensated.