Corruption in Parliament.

This is how Cameron buried bad news about HSBC and the £1bn fraud, in order to get criminal banker Stephen Green into parliament. Look at the dates on these documents.

Stephen Green is made a Lord by Cameron

greenThe Office of Fair Trading (OFT) signs an order against HFC(HSBC) telling them to stop adding illegal charges to accounts unless and until they change their terms and conditions, but doesn’t make it public.

oft order 2

Stephen Green is introduced to the House of Lords

lords 2The OFT publishes a press release about “Charging Orders” (i.e nothing to do with the illegal “collection charge”) and the order against HFC(HSBC) is hidden away as a pdf attachment at the bottom of the release. The order against HFC (HSBC) does not mention “Charging Orders” anywhere. The media did not pick it up, which no doubt was the intention.

oftdateFurthermore, see the correspondence shown on this page. There is a letter from August 2010 ( 3 months before Green’s ennoblement)  from Lord McNally, Minister of State for Justice concerning my efforts to obtain public domain information from the Ministry of Justice. There is also a letter from my Tory MP Amber Rudd. She knew my purpose for wanting the information and I think it is inconceivable that McNally didn’t too. It may even have been my alerting these people to the fraud that caused the OFT order to be buried. Cameron must have known.

The man who carried out the investigation at the OFT now works at HSBC.