The British HSBC bribery and corruption cover-up



These cuttings are from an article in Huffington Post. Unaoil is the broker at the heart of world-wide bribery and corruption investigations, also involving Rolls-Royce, recently reported by the Guardian and BBC with no mention of HSBC.

I have analysed the first 100 Google entries for the search terms “Unaoil HSBC”. The results are very revealing. There is not one UK mainstream news outlet that mentions HSBC in connection with Unaoil. When reading bear in mind that the previous Director General of MI5 is now an HSBC director and the Chair of the BBC Trust was an HSBC director, as was James Comey, the Director of the FBI.

The Guardian – the only reference to HSBC is in connection with their Deferred Prosecution Agreement in US

The Independent – no mention