County Court Judgments 2004-8

Below this is a pdf of the data I received anonymously which is an extract from County Court Judgments from 2004-8. The fraud, under HSBC, occurred between 2003-9 so the data is incomplete. There are 119k records on 2,262 pages, which only account for 20% of the total claims the solicitors dealt with. I estimate that at least 75% of these judgments have illegal charges included. I have given this data to the FCA, all they needed to do was confirm it with the Ministry of Justice. They haven’t done so. I have left out the names and addresses, although all the data is in the public domain.

Here is my criteria for examining the millions of files I received, and how I arrived at my figure of £200m for the total illegal charges, rounding up the £158,5m to account for the missing data:

Here is Weightmans confirmation, in Chambers law directory in 2007, that they only issue proceedings in 20% of cases.


The reason I know about this fraud is that I was head of debt recovery at Weightmans, and some of the early claim forms had my name on them. This claim form included the illegal charge under costs [redacted]