Fairhead discusses HSBC on Marr

Today on the Marr Show Rona Fairhead, HSBC director and Chair of the BBC Trust was asked about any conflict in her doing both roles. What she said was very revealing. For an example of how close the connection between BBC and HSBC is, see here, for evidence that BBC forward a request to interview Fairhead to HSBC.

She admitted that behaviour at HSBC was criminal – so why has nobody been prosecuted, either in the UK or Switzerland? In fact the FCA have just dropped their investigation into HSBC for tax evasion (not reported on BBC).

She said she was sorry for any “reputational damage” – who cares about the reputation of HSBC? What about the taxpayers who have lost out? What about the criminal activity? No contrition, just concern for HSBC’s reputation.

She claims not have known about tax evasion in Switzerland but that “independents came in” and told them about it. Why on earth does an “independent” have to tell HSBC what is going on in the bank.

Finally, and most damaging, she said that following the Swiss leaks scandal the bank board asked her to stay on and so did “the regulators with whom I work”. I assume that means FCA. I have already written about the FCA colllusion with HSBC, which is now the subject of Treasury Select Committee scrutiny.

As I have previously exposed, Fairhead was unlawfully appointed to the head of BBC by Cameron, in order, precisely, to control their coverage of HSBC and consequently his reputation.

Here is the interview: