How Cameron controls the BBC

The White Paper on the BBC states that the trust governing the BBC is being abolished and a board will be set up to run day-to-day matters, while Ofcom will become the corporation’s external regulator. The Chair of the present Trust is ex HSBC director Rona Fairhead. Cameron has promised her that she will be the Chair of the new “unitary” trust. The clip above show SNP MP John Nicolson challenging Fairhead about how the appointment was made and that it breached all the rules of recruitment. The full exchange can be seen here.

As I have previously blogged, Fairhead’s original appointment to the BBC Trust also breached all the rules of due process. There was no proper tendering process for the recruitment, with the work going the BBC Director General’s wife’s firm Saxton Bampfield, at the highest price quoted for the work, £36,000. Fairhead was not listed anywhere as a shortlisted candidate, and her appointment surprised everyone in the industry.

Fairhead was shoehorned into the role because of her position at HSBC. Cameron has been complicit in covering up massive HSBC fraud which the BBC refuses to report. Since her chairmanship of the BBC there has been no negative reporting of HSBC, and even blatant lies. If one wants an interview with Fairhead the request is forwarded to HSBC.

So, by breaking the rules again Cameron has ensured the continued compliance of the BBC in remaining silent on the biggest political/banking scandal for decades. I have written to John Nicolson with this information, but unfortunately he has mocked my mental health on twitter and blocked me. He hasn’t read any of my information and states he has no idea why I have “targeted” him. This does not surprise me. Last year I wrote to all 650 MPs about this. There were 5 replies, 2 of which were  lies.