Action Fraud have no record of complaint

Last year, I don’t recall when, I reported the massive HSBC fraud to Action Fraud without much expectation of any action being taken but I wasn’t prepared for them to claim that they had no record of the report. I was never called back or written to with a reference number. I’m too weary to comment on this. It’s just another occurrence of inactivity. Here’s the email (I did make a report about my bank account being hacked, as I was required to do by the bank, that is what they are referring to):

Dear Sir,

I regret to say that this is the only report made to Action Fraud containing your name and address. If you made a report to Action Fraud you would have been given a crime reference number which begins with NFRC followed by 12 digits. Is it possible that you made the report from a different address?

I regret that I cannot be of further assistance.