Sham “job interview”

In the course of my 10 year campaign against bank fraud, surprisingly I have  had only one scary experience. But it was scary.

Shortly after I started revealing details of the fraud on this website, I responded to an ad for a job in Eastbourne (£15k), for which I was well qualified. The agency said the job had gone but the company wanted to meet me anyway to see if I could do something else for them. The interview took place in a small basement room at the employment agency’s office, not the company’s and I was “interviewed” by a heavy looking private detective. He said he got most of his instructions from Weightmans and Andrew Cox (my old boss who I reported to the Law Society).

I said in that case it was probably best if I didn’t proceed with the interview! However, sensing a set-up I proceeded to inform him what I was doing and intended to do to expose this fraud- so that the message got back to Weightmans. I’m sure it was recorded.  I haven’t heard from them since (and I didn’t get the job). It was clearly meant to intimidate me, and I was scared – but I’m still alive. I was also very angry because I desperately needed a job and thought it was a legitimate interview.