email sent to Douglas Flint, Chair HSBC Holdings

Today I sent this email to Douglas Flint of HSBC, following my having disrupted an event held by the Green Party entitled “Making Banks Work for Us” and handed him a document setting out the fraud. I will post any reply received.

Dear Mr Flint

Sorry I had to confront you at the Making Banks Work for Us event last night, but the fact is that HSBC have persistently refused to respond to me with my concerns about the massive fraud by HFC, for which I was dismissed from a very successful career for reporting my employers, Weightmans, to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, who confirmed the illegality of the charges.

Now that you are aware of the fraud, although I have no doubt that as Finance Director at HSBC for 15 years, you were already aware, I hope that you will ensure that processes are put in place to arrange compensation for the hundreds of thousands of victims. I have already offered my services to the bank to assist with this, should you so wish.

Nicholas Wilson