Freedom of Information Request to the Legal Services Board

I have today made this FoI request to the Legal Services Board, which will be self-explanatory:

Dear Sirs

In November 2013 I contacted the Legal Services Board with my concerns about the fact that I did not believe that the Solicitors Regulation Authority had properly or adequately investigated Restons Solicitors for widespread fraud, full evidence for which is contained on my website –

I dealt with Fran Gillard. Her response, received last week, was to attach a letter received from the SRA in which they state that they fully investigated the complaint. (My previous information was that they had had a conversation with Restons). Ms Gillard has accepted this assurance and states that she will not be taking the matter any further.

In the circumstances, please inform me as to what exact measures the LSB took to investigate whether the SRA had acted appropriately including details of any correspondence, meetings or telephone conversations in connection therewith. I would not expect to receive copies of the correspondence but I require details of what was actually done.

I look forward to hearing from you within the statutory time period.

Yours faithfully
Nicholas Wilson