Enough evidence of cover-up?

After the Solicitors Regulation Authority adjudicated that Weightmans had acted illegally by applying contingency fees they carried on applying 16.4% to debts. A year later the SRA  received a complaint from a debtor about the charges and sent this response:

“Received a letter this week from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, basically they do not feel that Weightmans have acted inapropriately, they also say that the charges levied are set by HFC and they are merely acting as their agents in the collection of this debt. They also go on to say that Weightmans is a recognised organisation and do abide by the rules as set. However they would contact them and send a copy of our complaint.

We have written back to them with a copy of the letter received from HFC which clearly states that the levied fees of 14% are applied by Weightmans. Seems that Weightmans in the eye of the Solicitors Regulation Authority are doing nothing wrong which to be honest I totally disagree with.

HFC have taken this debt back and we are more than happy to pay them what we owe. Up tp date though the OFT have not responded yet.”

(this is taken from a posting on the Consumer Action Group website)