Hall of Shame – MSM failure at reporting HSBC fraud

I have decided to publish some of my dealings with the press, in order to show how this massive HSBC is not being reported. I still have no idea why – there are various possibilities but it’s either because the story involves too much work or that the media are terrified of HSBC; or, more ominously, there is D Notice in place requesting that the story is not reported for fear of public order or that HSBC could lose it’s licence in the US, because they are on probation.

And let’s not forget, the BBC has an HSBC director as head of trustees and a World Service programme sponsored by HSB; the Guardian has a sponsorship deal with HSBC; HSBC advertises on Channel 4 and Bloomberg and the Economist are basically owned by bankers. Also, every BBC news report is vetted by two MI5 staff and the ex-head of MI5 is now an HSBC director.

In many cases here the journalist contacted HSBC.  I have had a lot of other dealings with the media not recorded here.  (click on images to enlarge)


I sent Paul Mason an email (when he was at Newsnight) – here is his response. He never replied to any of my suggestions for a meeting; I heard nothing more:

mason 4:12Dispatches – Channel 4

Channel 4 Dispatches said they were interested but didn’t have the resources and suggested I contacted investigative journalists, which I did:

dispatches 6:6:12Exaro News

I arranged to meet David Hencke of Exaro in London (I have to travel to London from Hastings, the fares are one third of my weekly benefit money). Hencke is the only journalist that spend serious time reading my website. We met at Portcullis House for about 90 minutes. He didn’t follow through with the story following this last email, no explanation:

hencke 18:9:12Bureau of Investigative Journalism

I had a long meeting at their office. They were interested but didn’t follow through.


They contacted me through my website and I arranged to meet them in London (at my expense). Their journalist forgot about the meeting and was not there. I had to wait an hour for him to get to me. They didn’t follow through.reuters 9:11::12

reuters 9:11::12b

BBC Radio 5 Live

They contacted me through my website. I have spent a long time dealing with one of their journalists who has not followed through. I even met him in London with well known lawyer Mark Lewis, at his request, so that Mark could confirm to him the serious nature of the fraud:radio 5 live Nov 12

BBC – Money Box

They contacted me through my website. I have had conversations and email exchanges with their producer and Paul Lewis has told me for over a year that he is interested in the story. He told me today (4 December) that Money Box will not be running the story and promises to give me the reason. I’m still waiting.moneybox 8:1:14

moneybox 23:4:14Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Melanie Newman of BIJ came to visit me in Hastings and we spent a day going through documentation. She was very thorough and spent about 3 days in all investigating. I then received this email.

BIJ 20:2:13


I was told by a friend that knew him that a Bloomberg journalist was interested in my story, I contacted him and gave him details, and received this response:

bloomberg 9:13BBC – Panorama

I have had two teams from Panorama contact me. I have given information – on neither occasion have they followed through with the story:

panorama 25:1:13Guardian

The Guardian would seem the natural home from this story. They have studiously ignored me for years (but they do have a sponsorship deal with HSBC). However, I did get an introduction to one of the money jounalists who had covered another HFC (HSBC) story. Having spent a few minutes looking at my site I received this idiotic email from him. Whatever happened to investigative journalism?:

guardian 6:14Financial Times

I am followed by an FT journalist on Twitter who seems to show an interest, but he doesn’t report anything:

FT 6:14Economist

I intervened at a talk being given by Douglas Flint, Chair of HSBC, and chaired by Jonathan Rosenthal, City editor at the Economist and handed him a leaflet giving details of the HSBC fraud. He refused to take it. Details are here

Private Eye

I worked for 9 months with a Private Eye journalist. Not once in those nine months did he bother to read my website. He did manage to write an article however, which Private Eye decided not to publish at the eleventh hour. They have never given me a proper reason for this. Details are here