Regulators in action

Having made a Freedom of Information request to the Legal Services Board asking what action had been taken on my report of the Solicitors Regulation Authority not adequately investigating my complaint of widespread fraud, I received the response below, setting out what happened. In short, there was an internal meeting, a letter was sent to the SRA asking if they had acted appropriately and a letter was received from the SRA stating that they had, as previously posted here.

Here are the details:

  • Fran Gillon sent an email to Chris Kenny (LSB Chief Executive) on 25 November summarising the issues raised in your telephone conversation with her
  • Fran Gillon, Chris Kenny and Nick Glockling (LSB Legal Director) subsequently met to discuss the matter on 28 November. This was followed by an email exchange involving all three colleagues on the same date
  • There was a subsequent email exchange between you and Fran Gillon on 29 November
  • Fran Gillon sent a letter to David Middleton (SRA Executive Director) on 29 November setting out the issues that you raised and asking for their views as to whether your concerns indicated wider systemic issues
  • Samantha Barrass (SRA Executive Director) responded by letter to Fran Gillon on 14 January 2014
  • There was an email exchange between Fran Gillon, Chris Kenny and Nick Glockling on 23 January
  • Fran Gillon sent an email to you, enclosing a copy of the letter of 14 January from Samantha Barrass