After the meeting with HFC when I informed them the practice was illegal, I continued to protest to the partners at Weightmans that the contract was unlawful and that we shouldn’t be doing the work on that basis. I was  ignored. The firm threatened me for refusing to do the illegal work. This is from a letter they sent to my solicitors Bindmans, who were acting for me in my employment dispute:

This extract from an email shows that Weightmans refused to discuss the contract with me:

I had just bought a house and was very concerned about my position. I knew if I reported the wrongdoing I would lose my job.

When I finally left Weightmans there were about 30 people at the head office employed in collecting the bank’s debts.

Because of the unwillingness of Weightmans to deal with me or the contract in a proper manner I decided to report them to the Law Society, who I asked to rule on whether the contract was lawful or not. Of course I was immediately dismissed and we eventually attended a mediation to settle my claim for unfair dismissal. I had not then reported Restons to the Solicitors Regulation Authority but I have now done so, together with the bank’s solicitor. (see the blog pages)

The Law Society finally adjudicated that the contract was unlawful: