Crowdfunding appeal


I receive £177.16 fortnightly from the DWP (£383.84 a month):

From this I have pay £335.68 shortfall on my mortgage (the mortgage payments from DWP are now a loan), which leaves me £48.16 per month for everything else, food, electricity, gas etc.


When I was employed I paid £18k pa in tax. I am now a “mortgage prisoner” meaning I can’t swap to a lower mortgage. My current rate is 4.9% and the DWP only pay 2.09%, as a loan secured on my home, on which they charge interest.  I only survive on donations. So far I have achieved £30,000,000 redress for 25,200 people, not a penny to myself, but there is still a lot to do, the total should be about £200m. I won’t receive any of it.

I have begun a new crowdfunding initiative to support my work.  In the past I have had difficulties if donations are made for my mortgage but I can’t pay an urgent bill, such as my heating bill. Donations should be used for the purpose given. So I am now appealing generally.

All donations will be personally acknowledge and your name appear in a forthcoming book, unless you ask me not to include you.

And once again, huge thanks to everyone who has and continues to support me.