Lord Hague, Nissan, HSBC and Tory corruption

Meet Lord Hague

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of Teneo since August 2016 on a salary of £250,000 per annum

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 09.48.00On August 4 2016 Teneo launched a “Brexit Client Transition Unit”. Teneos clients include Nissan and HSBC.

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Shortly after Hague’s appointment it was announced that the government had done a sweetheart deal with Nissan to encourage them to stay in Britain post Brexit, prompting Treasury Select Committee chair Andrew Tryrie to write to the National Audit Office for an investigation, the government having refused numerous Freedom of Information request to reveal the details.


In April Theresa May was in Saudi Arabia, lobbying on behalf of HSBC who were shortlisted to advise state oil company Saudi Aramco on their forthcoming IPO. It was announced shortly afterwards that HSBC had been formally appointed. Theresa May took with her the CEO of the London Stock Exchange. Expect an announcement very shortly that the LSE are bending its own rules to relax regulation and allow London to host the IPO. So, Lord Hague lobbies on behalf of HSBC over Brexit and HSBC is itself already advising the government on Brexit.