Why did these HSBC staff resign after my exposures?

On 14 December 2012 I reported HSBC (HFC) to the Financial Services Authority (precursor to the FCA). HFC solicitor Duncan Hamilton had joined HSBC bank shortly after HSBC purchased HFC Bank in 2003. By March 2013 Hamilton was working as a consultant at the bank’s solicitors Restons:

On 4 February 2016 I blogged about Lord Janvrin, his involvement with the secret services and his role as a Director and Deputy Chairman of HSBC Private Bank.


On 6 March 2016 Lord Janvrin resigned:

On August 11 2017 I blogged about the Grenfell donations, the fact that the monies were held by CAF Bank, and that bank’s connection to HSBC, including the Chairman Iain MacKinnon being HSBC Group Treasurer.

Shortly after my blog this profile disappeared from CAF Bank website and MacKinnon resigned on 2 November 2017

I can confirm that HSBC read all of these blogs, many times over.