Further complaint against the FCA sent to the Complaints Commissioner

Sent today, 6 February 2018


Dear Mr Townsend

This is my long overdue complaint against the FCA for failure to further investigate the extent of detriment of the admitted wrongful charging by HSBC subsidiaries HFC Bank and John Lewis Financial Services.
Following the announcement in January 2017 that HSBC had “voluntarily” agreed to repay approximately £4m to 6,700 customers [on live accounts] I had a meeting with them in February when I presented evidence that there were some £200m+ illegal charges added to accounts in the period in question on non-live accounts.
In July I sent them my whole database of evidence, which is Count Court judgment information sent to me anonymously. They have refused to look at the evidence because they say the cannot “authenticate” it. I would suggest if they look at Ministry of Justice records they could authenticate it. This is from an email they sent me.
I have deliberately kept this complaint very simple and not burdened you with extraneous documentation. The FCA have deliberate obfuscated the issue in their attempts to avoid taking any further action.
(It may be significant that Andrew Bailey is lobbying for HSBC over the Saudi Aramco IPO which they hope to host at the London Stock Exchange, although, of course I recognise this is not a matter for you http://nicholaswilson.com/more-fcahsbc-corruption-and-collusion/).
The point of the complaint is very simple. I have provided the FCA with evidence and they have refused to look at it. To make a simple analogy, I have shown them where the bodies are buried and told them who did the killing, which I know because I was involved, but they refuse to look because I am a snitch!
I hope you will once again try to bring an end to this farce and require the FCA to look at the evidence and make the appropriate requirement.
Thank you for your further help.
Yours  sincerely
Nicholas Wilson