Recap on HSBC fraud – are we angry yet?

In a simple post, here are the bald facts about HSBC fraud.

It has been covered up by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Ministry of Justice and Office of Fair Trading, who’s order against the bank was hidden away so as not to embarrass Cameron making Stephen Green a Lord and Trade Minister.

None of the fraud authorities including the police will take action.

HSBC lied to the Financial Conduct Authority which copied and pasted their lie to me and Joel Benjamin. HSBC lied to the Treasury Select Committee.

None of media apart from the Sunday Mirror have reported the fraud and the Mirror article was on page 10 and was not picked up by anyone.

HSBC surrendered HFC’s credit licence before 1 April 2014 so they couldn’t be ordered to pay compensation by the FCA. The FCA have said they have no intention of ordering compensation.

The head of the Trustees of the BBC is HSBC director Rona Fairhead. The BBC do not report the fraud.

Are people angry enough yet?