The FCA tells me to get stuffed

Having completely embarrassed the Financial Conduct Authority for their collusion with HSBC to cover-up the fraud,  they have now told me to get stuffed. That’s the second regulator to have done that, the SRA did too.

Here’s the email I’ve just received.

Dear Mr Wilson

As stated in my decision letter of 12 December 2014, I have not upheld your allegation that the FCA colluded with HSBC to cover up a fraud. I have advised you on numerous occasions of your next steps should you remain unhappy with my response to your complaint. I feel that there is nothing further that I can assist you with on this matter and therefore any further correspondence on this issue will be placed on file but will not be acknowledged or substantively responded to.

Yours sincerely

Michelle Broadhurst
Senior Complaints Investigator / Complaints Team / Corporate Services