Even more evidence of HSBC lies

This is from an email from HSBC claiming that the illegal charges are added by the bank, and not by the solicitors. They are saying this because presumably they think that if they claim the charges are added by the bank then they will not be illegal because they will not breach the solicitors rules. However, I used to work at one of the firms instructed by the bank and can confirm that the charges are added by the solicitors, are administered by the solicitors and kept by the solicitors in respect of their fees. The extract from an HFC statement below shows this to be the case. On their statements HFC give no details of the collection charges, this is because they have no idea how much is due or paid, because the costs are dealt with by the solicitors.

Here is an extract of text that appears at the bottom of HFC statements:And here is an extract from a letter from HFC(HSBC) stating that the charges were added by the solicitors as part of their policy

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