Email to Chair of Treasury Select Committee

I have today sent this email to Andrew Tyrie, the Chair of the Treasury Select Committee. I want some answers on the disgraceful behaviour of the Financial Conduct Authority.

Dear Mr Tyrie

I understand you will be meeting with the FCA shortly.

You will be aware of who I am and my campaign. Recently the Complaints Commissioner made a scathing criticism of the FCA for their failure to take action on the massive HSBC fraud, partially dealt with by Jesse Norman last year. Here is the Commissioner’s decision –

The Complaints Commissioner recommended that the FCA apologise to me. This is their apology

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 17.02.50

I shall be grateful if you could please ask the FCA why the apology did not come from the CEO or Chairman; why their response to the Complaints Commissioner’s decision has not been published on their website; and why I did not receive an ex gratia payment, as is the norm when complaints are upheld.

And more importantly, could you please ask them what action they are now taking on the HSBC fraud matter.

I look forward to hearing from you, although from past experience, I don’t expect to.

Yours sincerely
Nicholas Wilson