Email to Lord Hollick about Lord Green

Next week on 14 July,, Lord Hollick, Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee will be questioning Lord Green, ex Chair of HSBC about his involvement in the Mexican drug money laundering and the Swiss tax evasion scandals.

I have written to Lord Hollick asking him to also question Green about the illegal charges which I have been campaigning about. I hope he will take notice. This is my email:

Dear Lord Hollick

I understand that next week you will questioning Lord Green about his time at HSBC. I would like to urge you to also question him about a matter which should be of great concern to British consumers. Between 2003 and 2010 HSBC was adding illegal charges to accounts in default of customer of John Lewis, Dixons, Currys, PC World, B&Q, HFC Bank and Beneficial Finance.

MP Jesse Norman partially dealt with the FCA’s handling of this at a Treasury Select Committee earlier this year – but the bank has never been held to account.

The charges have been ruled illegal by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and an order was made against the bank by the Office of Fair Trading in 2010. Despite all this the bank has made no effort to repay customers, besides having set aside a contingent liability in the sum of $1bn. My estimate is that the charges amount to £1bn affecting 5-600-000 consumers.

Lord Green knows about the charges because I have previously written to him about it. I lost my job when I reported my solicitor employers to the Law Society for the practice. There is a great amount of evidence on my website

I hope you will use this unique opportunity to ask Lord Green of his knowledge and involvement.

Yours sincerely
Nicholas Wilson

Update 13 July – I followed up the above email with an email to the “Committee” with a request that the contents be distributed to the members and today received this response:

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