Chasing up CMS Select Committee

Following my email of 27 October to every member of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee I have received not one response from any of them.

I have therefore sent this email today:

Dear Committee

On 27 October I sent you all an email about the appointment of Rona Fairhead to Chair of the BBC Trust. Not one of you has responded.

The DCMS have now admitted to me that it did not follow its “current policy” in putting the recruitment process out to tender.( I am still awaiting further information from them.

I am shortly expecting a Final Decision from the Complaints Commissioner to my complaint against the FCA for colluding with HSBC in lying about HSBC fraud and copying and pasting text from HSBC, dealt with by Jesse Norman at the Treasury Select Committee. This will bring the whole issue of Ms Fairhead’s appointment into focus.

I would therefore have thought a proactive stance from the committee might be more appropriate, especially since I have published my previous mail to you, as I will this one.

Yours faithfully
Nicholas Wilson