My mail to the US court responsible for HSBC DPA

I have today sent this email to United States District Court Eastern District of New York, the court which made the Deferred Prosecution Agreement against HSBC. I thought the judge should be aware of their collusion with the FCA in the cover-up of the fraud:

Dear Sirs

As the Court responsible for the Deferred Prosecution Agreement against HSBC in 2013 I thought that District Judge John Gleeson might be interested in the activities of HSBC here in the UK.

My website discloses all the details, however, of particular concern to me today is my discovery that HSBC has been colluding with the Financial Conduct Authority here in telling them what to say to me and the media concerning their (non)investigation of the matter.

The media in the UK are reluctant to report this fraud and I can only presume it is because of it’s likely affect on the DPA. I just thought the Judge should know of the situation.

Yours faithfully
Nicholas Wilson (whistleblower)