SRA tells me to get stuffed

The Solicitors Regulation Authority have now told me that they will not be considering the new evidence I supplied of Restons having misled them (here and here) and have now told me, basically, to get stuffed. I’m sure the hundreds of thousand of victims of Restons fraud will be pleased to know that there is nothing to worry about concerning the ethics of lawyers. Here’s their email:

Dear Mr Wilson

I acknowledge receipt of your email of 19 March and letter dated 13 March 2014 (received on 17 March) addressed to Mike Haley, Director of Supervision, which has been referred to me for a response. Your letter crossed with my email to you of 17 March 2014.

I reiterate the contents of my email of 17 March 2014. We are not taking further action in relation to your report as previously advised, and therefore we are not able to comment on this matter any further.

If we continue to receive correspondence about the same matter that does not alter our position, we may decide that we are unable to correspond further. Your emails will be considered but will not be responded to unless our position changes. I hope you can understand that we try to use our resources to best effect and it would not be proportionate to continue to correspond when we have set out our position and reasons for it.

Yours sincerely

One thought on “SRA tells me to get stuffed

  1. michael

    at least you got a reply/follow up of complaint, 2 complaints to SR4A and nothing heard since, all the state is they may not communicate unless necessary on their website, = they are a waste of time and space, = non effective

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