#HSBCfraud is closing in.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 19.27.22In the last 3 weeks there have been significant news stories directly related to my campaign to expose massive HSBC consumer fraud and the corruption of regulators and politicians surrounding it.

Firstly, on 7 July, SNP MP John Nicolson, in the Media. Sport and Culture Select Committee, questioned Rona Fairhead as to the circumstances surrounding her corrupt appointment as Chair of the new  BBC Unitary Trust – an appointment which seems simply to have been made on Prime Minister David Cameron’s say so. I have written extensively on how her appointment to the original BBC Trust was completely corrupt and made at the behest of Cameron, in order to gag the corporation on his involvement in the HSBC fraud cover up. I made various attempts to contact Mr Nicolson which ended badly. Unfortunately, I’m left with the conclusion that he has no real interest in the corruption, but that as an ex-BBC man he is doing someone a favour by bringing it up in parliament.

Then, the Committee on Financial Services, US House of Representatives published a report following a 3 year investigation into the decision by the Department of Justice not to prosecute HSBC for various money laundering and sanctions violations. It transpired that Chancellor George Osborne, and the predecessor of the FCA, the Financial Services Authority, applied considerable pressure on US authorities not to proceed with a prosecution, resulting instead with the Deferred Prosecution Agreement. I have been campaigning for years about the involvement of regulators and politicians in protecting HSBC from prosecution in the UK, If they make so much effort to prevent prosecution in the US, how much more effort would they make to prevent it in the UK?

Next came the Complaints Commissioner’s Annual Report in which he identified my complaint to him, about the FCA handling of HSBC fraud, as at the “extreme end” of the cases he had to consider. The press reported on his original decision back in December 2015, but not on his latest report relating to my case.

Then, dramatically, on 19 July an HSBC executive was arrested at JFK Airport in New York as he was about to board a plane. Another former executive has also been arrested. Whilst these charges relate to Forex “front running”, a kind of insider dealing in the exchange markets, so not directly related to my fraud exposures, the charges have raised questions as to why HSBC crimes committed in the UK are only prosecuted in the US. Of course, any reader of this site will know the answer to that.

And finally, today, it was announced in the Times that David Cameron’s recommendations for  honours on his resignation are being questioned as being inappropriate. One such honour was to give Camilla Cavendish a peerage. Cavendish used to be editor of the Sunday Times at the time they dropped a story of Cameron’s involvement in covering up the HSBC fraud, which resulted in her being given a job in the No10 Policy Unit.

So in the last 3 weeks 5 major stories relevant to my campaign have emerged, I have been ignored, as usual, and my mortgage company will be preparing its third attempt to repossess my property.