The state of the UK under Cameron

This is footage of Business Secretary Sajid Javid, (who, when he as Culture Secretary unlawfully appointed a banker, Rona Fairhead, of HSBC, to head the BBC) stating that he knew about Deutsche Bank’s tax avoiding bonus payments system but didn’t benefit from it. He was paid £3m a year.

When posting the complete interview between Javid and Jon Snow to YouTube, Channel 4 News edited out this section. Originally I had posted the above clip on YouTube and it was removed at the request of ITN Productions, no doubt on the insistence of Sajid Javid:

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 17.16.49

Since Rona Fairhead has been Chair of the BBC Trust the BBC has not reported negative stories about her main employer, HSBC or simply lies about them. Requests to the BBC to interview Fairhead are forwarded to HSBC.  Fairhhead is attending the Bilderberg conference again this year, as Chairman of the BBC Trust, although the BBC will deny it.

When attempting to negotiate a new deal for the UK in the EU Cameron did a deal to ringfence the City of London from EU banking regulation, on the basis that the UK is not part of the Eurozone.

Cameron could only have been elected last year with the help of mainstream media keeping silent over HSBC fraud and his involvement.

HSBC now has directors/Chairmen in the following UK entities – BBC, Lords, MI5/6, GCHQ, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice, BT, FCA and the Church of England.

The Tory party are puppets of HSBC: they appointed HSBC Chair Stephen Green as Trade Minister; have reduced the banking levy to please HSBC; they have softened the regulations on top bankers being held liable for wrongdoing; the FCA have abandoned its investigation into banking culture and its investigation into HSBC Swiss tax avoidance; the SFO has abandoned its investigation into criminal forex trading by banks; on agreeing to look again at the HSBC fraud I reported the FCA have appointed ex HSBC and current John Lewis staff to their board (the two companies they are supposed to be investigating).

I have had meetings with MPs – there appears to be no appetite or commitment by any party to deal with the situation.

This quote has been attributed to Mussolini although there is some doubt as to its authenticity: “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power.” However, it is accurate and authenticity has no currency in Britain at the moment.