Illegal charges

Here is a simple explanation of why HSBC/HFC charges are unlawful, besides being unlawful contingency fees. Here is a computer generated letter from Restons, where they charge £508.64, before they have done any work (some of the charges are as much as £5,000):

This is an extract from the Solicitors Code of Conduct, which forbids solicitors from claiming charges not legally due:

And here is an extract from the ruling from the Office of Fair Trading in 2010 ordering the bank to stop adding the charges (because they were not legally recoverable):

These documents show that the charges are unlawful, right from the beginning. See the rest of this site for other reasons why they are illegal. I told the bank’s solicitor in 2003 that they were illegal – the bank carried on apply them until told to stop by the OFT in 2010.  I calculate that in any one year the solicitors added an average £35,000,000 in illegal charges.

Last Modified on June 12, 2014
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