Letter to David Green of the SFO

I have today sent this email to David Green, the director the Serious Fraud Office, in response to his letter to Home Secretary Amber Rudd, which appears below the email:

Dear Mr Green,

I have read the letter you have sent to Home Secretary Amber Rudd concerning my report to you of corruption at the FCA. http://nicholaswilson.com/correspondence-with-home-secretary-amber-rudd/

Without any investigation you have deemed to characterise the charges imposed by HSBC/HFC/John Lewis as “overcharging”. The charges (in some cases £5,000) were illegal contingency fees as adjudicated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. http://nicholaswilson.com/the-solicitors-regulation-authority/the-whitewash/.

They were also outlawed by the Office of Fair Trading http://nicholaswilson.com/the-office-of-fair-trading/order-against-hfc-bank/oft-order/ – a ruling, incidentally which was covered-up by the OFT by being hidden as an attachment to a press release concerning something else entirely.

The FCA/FSA has been handling my complaint for four years. Along the way they colluded with HSBC to provide false information to deny the illegality of the charges. http://nicholaswilson.com/proof-of-collusion-bewteen-hsbc-and-fca/ – the subject inter alia of the Complaints Commissioner’s finding against the FCA – http://nicholaswilson.com/good-news/

As a result of the Complaints Commissioner’s decision the FCA agreed to reopen their investigation, however, the only tangible thing they have done is appointed directors from HSBC and John Lewis. They also interviewed me in April when I set out all the evidence of the fraud – http://nicholaswilson.com/recording-of-my-meeting-with-the-fca/

At the most recently hearing before the Treasury Select Committee (there have been four) this Tuesday, the CEO and Chairman of the FCA claimed to know nothing about the stage of their investigation, despite my having been assured that the CEO received regular updates http://nicholaswilson.com/i-know-nothing-fca-response-to-tsc-question-on-hsbc-fraud/

This follows a hearing when the then acting CEO of the FCA Tracey McDermott seriously misled parliament by inferring the matter only concerned a now defunct HFC Bank – http://nicholaswilson.com/did-mcdermott-of-the-fca-lie-to-parliament/

The fraud involved 5-600,000 consumers amounting to over £1bn for which HSBC had made provision in its accounts of $1bn. That provision is gradually being reduced in direct relation to the FCA’s lack of action in the matter.

It has to be clear that the FCA is working in tandem with HSBC to minimise and downplay the extent of the fraud to the financial benefit of HSBC. The bank are still receiving payment of the illegal charges.

You tell me I should leave the FCA to deal with the matter, as do City of London Police. The FCA say I should go to CoLP or the SFO with my concerns. This is a farce and is why I believe the SFO should investigate the FCA’s relationship with HSBC.

Yours sincerely
Nicholas Wilson


Dear Mr Wilson,

Thanks for your e-mail.

We try to answer all correspondence within 20 working days. If delay is likely, we will get back to you.

More information concerning the Serious Fraud Office is available on our website – www.sfo.gov.uk <http://www.sfo.gov.uk> .

Yours sincerely,

M Butt
Serious Fraud Office


Dear M Butt

Thank you for your email.

I wasn’t making a “public enquiry”, I was writing to Mr Green in response to his letter to the Home Secretary.

I hope I do not have to wait for up to 20 days for a reply.

Yours sincerely
Nicholas Wilson



I received this response, basically, if you believe the FCA is colluding with HSBC, let the FCA sort it out.