Please email your MP.

Please email your MP as soon as possible to ask him or her to take action by raising questions in parliament and lobbying their party leaders to push for a public inquiry into the corrupt appointment of a HSBC director to head the BBC, in order to gag their reporting about HSBC wrongdoing. To date the BBC have not reported the £1bn HSBC fraud or Cameron’s covering it up in order to make Stephen Green of HSBC a lord.

I have emailed every MP but mostly receive an automated response. Here is a record of every response which is not automated – MPs replies

Here is the website where you can obtain your MPs email address. Just copy and paste the text below adding in your personal details and send. Use this for the subject “HSBC/BBC/Corruption”. We must pressure MPs to do something. Or of course write your own text!  Many thanks.

Dear ……….

My address is

and phone number:

I am your constituent and I wish you to confirm that you received an email from Nicholas Wilson on 23 or 24 June 2015 and that you have read this link contained in his email –

I consider the appointment of Rona Fairhead, an HSBC director with no previous broadcast experience, to the Chair of the BBC Trust to be highly suspect and most likely a political appointment, which does not appear to have been carried out according to the correct procedures.

Please confirm that you have received this email and that you will take appropriate action.

Yours sincerely,