Statement re John Nicolson MP [updated 2 August 2016]

After John Nicolson questioned Rona Fairhead about her corrupt appointment to the new BBC Trust, which breached all the rules of open competition for public appointments, I had hoped to interest him in how her original appointment was even more corrupt.

I sent an email to his parliamentary address and sent various tweets with links to relevant information on this website. Instead of responding to anything or reading any of the information he referred to me as paranoid, obsessive and a troll, and says he doesn’t know why I “targeted” him. He did respond to tweets from people praising him for the interrogation. I therefore, admittedly in anger, sent him this provocative tweet, questioning his integrity (now deleted):

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 15.08.46 He did then respond, blocked me and made the bizarre claim that I was an anonymous, cowardly troll who refused to give my address. Apart from the fact nobody gives their address on Twitter, on my Twitter profile is this website address, which is my name. And of course I had already sent my email. I will happily give him my address if he wishes to sue me. [update 2 August – he has threatened to sue me]:

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 15.16.49

I have sent him my address:

emailI’m told he his a very good MP and I don’t doubt that, and his questioning of Fairhead was fearless. So it is very disappointing that he has behaved this way towards me. I suspect that as an old BBC hack he was simply doing someone a favour in challenging Fairhead’s position and couldn’t really care less about corruption at the broadcaster.

This is the email I sent on 6 July:

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 15.57.26