HSBC Fraud – correspondence with Financial Conduct Authority, Solicitors Regulation Authority, City of London Police and Complaints Commissioner

I have today sent this letter to the Financial Conduct Authority, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the City of London Police and the Complaints Commissioner. Any responses will be reported.


From Antony Townsend:

From Karen Baxter:

From SRA (as this was only sent to me, I’ve forwarded it to the other agencies)

From Andrew Bailey

FCA reply

Letter to the group, 1 October 2019


Further response from the SRA

From Antony Townsend 2 October 2018

From Nicholas Wilson 2 October 2019

From City of London Police 3 October 2019

From SRA 11 October 2019

sra 11:10

My letter of 22 October 2019 (date on letter incorrect)


Reply from Anthony Townsend

From SRA 25 October 2019

My response 31 October 2019


From Complaints Commissioner 15 November 2019



From me 15 November 2019

From SRA 26 November 2019

My reply 26 November 2019

Further response from SRA

letter from Complaints Commissioner 31 December 2019

This letter, effectively confirms everything I have claimed for the last seven years (since lodging a complaint to the FSA in 2012). It represents a triumph in that the bank and FCA have agreed all my evidence, but they are still withholding details of the true extent of the fraud from the public. My explication of the letter follows the letter.

Letter to Nicholas Wilson 311219
NW response to Complaint Commissioner’s letter – 31 December 2019

My email to all 31 December 2019

Email to SRA 3 March 2020

Email from SRA 4 March 2020

Email to SRA 11 March 2020

Email to Legal Services Board 14 May 2020

27 May 2020 Response from Legal Services Board

LSB letter Mr Wilson 27 May 2020

My reply

Email to the SRA 29 May 2020