Letters from parliament

Having been informed by Registry Trust (Ministry of Justice) that they would not supply me with public domain information and that I needed to appeal in the county court I asked my local MP Amber Rudd to intervene. I really did not think it should be necessary to apply to the court for what seemed to me a simple question of public information. This is Amber Rudd’s letter to me.

Here is Registry Trust’s reply to Amber Rudd, informing her that I should appeal in the county court.

And here is a rather patronising letter from Lord McNally, Minister of State for Justice, in the absence of the Lord Chancellor, to Amber Rudd. I was well aware of the regulations. I felt as though I was being patted on the head and told to run along, when in fact I was trying to expose widespread illegal activity by Europe’s largest bank. It may also be relevant that three months later the bank’s chairman was  made a peer and two months after that became Minister of State for Trade.

In the circumstances I had no alternative but to appeal in the county court.