Why did Legal Service Board’s attitude change?

When I contacted the Legal Services Board last November concerning the totally inadequate investigation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, they read my website and sent an email containing this:

Therefore, given the serious nature of your allegation, we are considering whether the issue raises any wider concerns that it may be appropriate for us to raise with the SRA. However, I need to make you aware that if we do so, the SRA may be able to identify that you are the source of our information”

After 3 months I received this response from them:

“The SRA’s response says that it fully investigated the allegation about possible unlawful contingency fees by Restons and it found no evidence to support the specific allegation. As you are aware, the LSB has no power to intervene in individual cases and does not therefore intend to pursue this matter”

This is NOT an individual case, it involves at least 500,000 people. The SRA says it fully investigated. So that’s alright then. As anyone even vaguely familiar with this site will know, I have exhibited voluminous evidence of fraud. What on earth happened in the meantime? Bank/politician interference? It is very worrying.