All is not well at the FCA

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Mick McAteer sat on the board of the Financial Conduct Authority as a non-executive director throughout the period of their cover-up of the HSBC fraud. He left the FCA in December 2015. On 3 December 2015 the Complaints Commissioner published his findings on my complaint against the FCA for the cover-up, which was very scathing of the FCA. And this month he published his annual report which stated that my complaint was at the extreme of complaints that he had to deal with against the FCA.

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One of the first things the FCA did after agreeing to reopen the investigation into HSBC and John Lewis Financial Services was to appoint to their board people from HSBC and John Lewis.

Yesterday on Twitter, Mr McAteer asserted that there was no capture of the regulator by the banks and demanded evidence of such an assertion. I therefore began providing him with evidence. At first he ignored me. He then began responding, belittling my complaint, stating there was a mechanism for dealing with FCA failures and finally accusing me of being a conspiracy theorist and expressing pity for me. Despite the FCA agreeing to reopen their investigation, 7 months on there appears to be little progress.

Finding this attitude perplexing I did a bit of research. Mr McAteer has a company The Financial Exclusion Centre of which a Trustee is Malcolm Hurlston. Mr Hurlston is the Chairman of Registry Trust, a company that administers the Register of County Court Judgments on behalf of the Ministry of Justice. Mr McAteer is also on the Consumer Panel of Registry Trust  – “The Panel provides internal advice and external support to Registry Trust, working collaboratively to help the Trust operate in the broad consumer interest”.Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 14.09.43


I attempted to obtain county court judgment information on cases where HSBC/HFC had added illegal charges in order to help debtors recover the illegal charges (consumer interest).I wrote to Mr Hurlston concerning the problems I was experiencing in obtaining the information, which is public domain information. Initially Mr Hurlston said that he was concerned to hear of my problems and that he would look into the matter. I never heard from him again, Registry Trust continued to deny me access to the data (on instructions from the Ministry of Justice) and eventually I took Registry Trust to court. I lost the court case on a specious technicality. Refusing access to judgment information is in breach of EU Regulations, but unfortunately I was unaware of that at the time.

So, an ex director of the FCA who refuses to acknowledge the serious matter of the FCA colluding with HSBC to cover up the fraud, insults and patronises me; and it turns out he is connected with another organisation, Registry Trust/Ministry of Justice, also involved in the cover-up.

For the avoidance of doubt, Mr McAteer  was at an FCA board meeting on 3 December 2015 when my case was discussed by the CEO Tracey McDermott:Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 14.06.26


Here is my Twitter exchange with Mr McAteer:

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